Frittata Panini and Tomato and Cheese Panini

i have a couple more panini ideas for you! i end up making these a lot before i go into work (when i work a later shift that is) with ingredients i have leftover. in this case i actually used my leftover Tomato, Scallion, Parmesan and Sour Cream Frittata as the filling for my panini! I had an end of a ciabatta loaf leftover so i sliced that up and made this awesome sandwich! This frittata was awesome as a filling: the work was mostly done for me! An extra bonus were those dollops of sour cream in the frittata which melted as the sandwich cooked and became the “sauce” inside of it. i did add an extra piece of cheese to the inside of this sandwich but it probably wasn’t necessary. but i’m not sure if there’s ever such a thing as “too much” cheese lol.

frittata paniniyea, doesn’t that look good?

it is.

Frittata Panini


  • a wedge or rectangular piece of leftover frittata (or leftover omelette would work well)
  • two pieces of ciabatta bread (or hearty bread of your choice), sliced thick enough for grilling without falling apart
  • two pieces of cheese (american, cheddar or havarti would be my choices)
  • butter for the grill pan


  • since your frittata is leftover and cold you will want to give it a little bit of a warm-up before building the sandwich since it won’t be cooking long enough to fully heat it through. give it a zap in the microwave or a quick fry in your grill pan (microwave 30 seconds depending on your model; in the pan about 2 minutes per side)
  • build your sandwich: bread, cheese, frittata, cheese, bread (cheese on both pieces of bread acts as the “glue” for the sandwich). add a slice of tomato between the cheese and frittata if you like
  • heat your grill pan or press over medium-high heat
  • add 2 tbsp of butter to the pan and melt
  • grill your sandwich about 4 to 5 minutes per side, adding more butter when you flip it if necessary
  • let rest a few minutes before slicing
  • for more detailed instructions see my post Spicy Chicken Ranch Panini

another very simple but very delicious panini is a Tomato and Cheese Panini. this is similar to a BLT panini and you would be right in assuming that i would have turned it into that had i any bacon in the house… there are few food combinations in the world more perfect to me than toasted bread, mayo, lettuce, tomato and bacon… alas, i was missing the bacon today but it was pretty darn close. so this is the “B-less” BLT…


Tomato and Cheese Panini


  • two pieces of ciabatta bread
  • 4 slices of sliced and seeded tomato
  • two slices of cheese (american, cheddar or whatever you fancy)
  • two slices of romaine or iceberg lettuce
  • mayonnaise for inside the sandwich
  • butter for the grill pan
  • kosher salt


  • build your sandwich: bread, mayo, lettuce, cheese, tomato (seasoned with salt), cheese, lettuce bread (i put the cheese between the lettuce and tomato to act as the glue even though you would feel inclined to put it between the lettuce and bread. either way works though)
  • heat your pan or press to medium-high
  • heat 2 tbsp butter
  • grill on each side 4 to 5 minutes per side, adding more butter when you flip if necessary
  • let rest a few minutes before slicing

2 responses to “Frittata Panini and Tomato and Cheese Panini

  1. Those look so good I almost licked the monitor. Now I think I know what’s for breakfast tomorrow. I have leftover omelet, and it has bacon. I bought a lot of pig today.

  2. i’m sure it will be delicious! pig is a good thing! i love leftover omelettes, although they don’t seem to happen often enough…………

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