Christmas Cookie Dough

I realize I haven’t posted in a few days but certainly NOT because I haven’t been busy in the kitchen! I have been slaving away making cookie dough. Well, not really slaving. More like, cranking-my-music-and-loving-every-minute-of-it. This time of year is busy for me in the culinary department.

So far I have made 10 cookie doughs. The tough part for me about this cookie making business is that I need to ship some cookies out earlier so that they arrive at my mom’s in time for Christmas and then others need to be baked off a bit later for the in-town folks who are to receive some of these tasty treats. My solution this year is to make the dough ahead, freeze them and then bake them as I need them. Today was “dough” day. I only baked the sugar cookies since they will freeze very well and then I will ice them later on. The other doughs were formed into the proper size for baking, frozen and then put in freezer bags. Some I will need to make glazes for but I can store the glazes in the fridge until I need them.

Recipes will be posted for these when I do posts with pictures of the final products but I figured I’d give you all a run-down of what’s in the works. There is more to come in the way of turtles, truffles, whoopie pies and toffee but those won’t be shipped (sorry mom, they won’t transport so well) so I will be making them a bit later (hopefully I get to all of them). So here’s what I did today:

1) Sugar Cookies- These will be adorned with Royal Icing

Sugar Cookie Dough

2) Cranberry Orange- a favorite that I make every year. They will get an orange-sugar glaze after baking and cooling.

Cranberry Orange Cookie Doug

3) Butterscotch Cookies- a.k.a. “Icebox Cookies”. These were and are a must have for me and my family during the holidays. This is my Great Grandma’s recipe and I change nothing about it except for the occasional addition of some orange zest. Not this year though. This dough is formed into a log, frozen and then sliced and baked as needed.

Butterscotch (aka icebox) Cookie Dough

4) Lebkuchen- A spiced spritz cookie of German descent (so appropriate for me) that I make ever year in the shape of small Christmas trees. It also gets treated to a vanilla sugar (and sometimes orange) glaze. I formed this into a log so that when I am ready to put it into the cookie press it’s ready to go (after thawing of course, although I may not actually freeze this one, it will keep well in the fridge)!

Lebkutchen Dough

5) Chocolate Raisin Oatmeal Cookies- By special request from Tracy’s, brother’s girlfriend Dawn who is a cookie FIEND (self-admitted).

Chocolate Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Dough

6) Molasses Ginger Snaps- This is my great grandma Bernice’s recipe. I added a bit of orange zest and orange extract to this for a nice twist.

Bernice's Molasses Ginger Snap Cookie Dough

7) Spiked Chocolate Cookies- Dark and decadent, these chocolate cookies are flavored with espresso powder and kahlua and topped with a kahlua-sugar glaze after baking and cooling.

Spike Chocolate Cookie Dough

8) Thumbprints- A dough full of flavor and texture as it is made partially with almond flour. The cookies are rolled in either chopped almond or coconut, imprinted with your thumb and filled with a bit of jam or preserves (in this case my own homemade Plum Cherry Preserves). I made the dough, chilled it then went ahead and shaped them, coated them, filled them and frozen them so when I’m ready to bake they’re all set. I am debating drizzling some sort of glaze over these after baking… Thoughts?

Thumbprint Dough9) Snickerdoodle- A sugar cookie variation covered in cinnamon and sugar! How can that be bad? Dough balls pressed into shape and frozen for later baking.

DSC_019810) Chocolate Pizzelle- Dough to be pressed into shape with a pizzelle press. For some added depth of flavor there is a touch of espresso powder and some orange zest and extract in these. For some additional visual appeal (as if you need any more with a pizzelle) I mixed some red nonpareils.





11 responses to “Christmas Cookie Dough

  1. I still haven’t had a chance to do much in the kitchen lately but these cookies may be the thing that gets me back in the kitchen. I am anxiously awaiting the recipes!

    • Let me know if there is one in particular you are waiting for and I will try to do that one first! I will start baking them off sometime late next week I think..

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  3. Wow, look at all that cookie dough! Everything looks scrumptious! Will you be posting a recipe for your sugar cookies? Once upon a time I tried my hand at sugar cookies and they didn’t turn out very well. I’ve been scared to make them again ever since!

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