Holiday Cookie Trays 2013

Finally I have written up all of the posts and recipes for my cookie and treats “menu” for the 2013 holiday season! Seems like so far back in the past, and at the same time like yesterday, that I put up my Christmas Cookie Dough Post!

Sugar Cookie Dough

The goal of this post is you provide a summary and easy reference point for holiday cookie and candy recipes from this year, both for you and for ME to look back to next year. I have included links back to each post with a picture of the final product of each holiday treat. I hope you’ve enjoyed this baking season as much as I have. I will admit I had some dark moments because I think I put more pressure on myself this year than I ever have to produce  beautiful and delicious cookie trays but after all is said and done it was worth the effort! I am very proud of what I produced this year because I know that these were enjoyed by all of those who received them! Plus, I have leftovers for me and Troy! More than I know what to do with…. Maybe I’ll freeze some for later, maybe note… 😉

Make these cookies, or whatever ones your choose to bake, into beautiful trays. These are one of the most-appreciated and anticipated gifts I give my friends and family every year! I buy foil bases and plastic domed lids at my local baking supply store for a couple bucks a piece. I used to try to fit them all into tins but they don’t seem to fit so well, plus the recipients can’t see everything that is included! This way, they can pick and choose at their leisure. I did choose to give the truffles separately, since they should be refrigerated. The red velvet whoopie pies should also be refrigerated if not eaten fairly quickly, since there is dairy in the filling.



One of my most-requested and most-loved holiday treats, these precious turtle shaped candies are made with plastic molds and are basically a chocolate shell, filled with caramel and a pecan half. I made these in milk, dark and white chocolate this year. Milk chocolate is the “classic” chocolate for these and is still our favorite even though the dark comes darn close!



Molasses Ginger Snaps

A recipe adapted from my great-grand mother’s, these delectable cookies are filled with the flavors of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove. A bit crunchy and a bit soft, they are a classic that is much-loved!



Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Really, what would a holiday cookie tray be without the classic sugar cookie? This year I made my favorite sugar cookie recipe in the shape of snow-flaked and decorated them with blue royal icing, which both tastes good and travels well!




A delicious, somewhat-crisp version of a sugar cookie, covered in cinnamon and sugar!



Butterscotch Cookies (a.k.a. “Icebox” Cookies)

A holiday classic and must-have in my family, this recipe comes from my great-grandmother on my father’s side. Christmas would not be the same for me without these! A bit of chew, these are a not-too sweet cookie filled with walnuts, butter and brown-sugar!



Toffee Crunch Cookie Bars

My ALL-TIME favorite holiday treat! Not quite a cookie, not quite a candy, these are crispy and amazingly delicious! Chocolate, walnuts, vanilla wafers, butter, brown sugar… Mmm how could all of that be bad?



Chewy Oatmeal Cookies

Wonderfully chewy version of an oatmeal cookie with raisins, chocolate and nuts! Good throughout the year and a great recipe to have in your arsenal!



Cranberry Orange Cookies

These are moist, soft and full of citrus from fresh orange juice and zest and a bit of tartness from fresh cranberries. A sweet orange glazes tops these and makes them irresistible! These are an every-year must-have for me!



Chocolate Pizzelles

A beautiful and traditional Italian holiday cookie made on a press. These are on the crisp side and are made with dark cocoa powder to give these a wonderful flavor! No anise in these pizzelles although they could easily be adapted to include it if you desire.



Dark Chocolate Kahlua Cookies

Spiked with kahlua and espresso powder, these dark chocolate cookies are topped with ganache and are so fudgey they will satisfy all of the chocolate-lovers on your list!




A German spritz cookie full of holiday spice and shaped into cute Christmas trees using a cookie press! Topped with a sugar glaze, they make a beautiful addition to a holiday cookie tray!



Chocolate Truffles

Decadent, dark and dense, I made these three ways: Bailey’s with with chocolate, Kahlua rolled in coca powder and orange rolled in sugar! Irresistible!



Thumbprint Cookies

Another cookie classic. Beautiful, delicious and filled with jam or preserves of your choice! These are made with almond flour which adds an amazing flavor and texture to these cookies, almost making them like mini-tarts!



Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Tender, flavorful and beautifully red for the holidays, these red velvet cookies are something between a cookie and cake. The marshmallow cream-cheese filling is nothing short of lip-smacking.



Butter Spritz Cookies

Take your spritz cookies to the next level by dipping in and drizzling with dark and white chocolate! Beautiful, delicate and delicious!




One response to “Holiday Cookie Trays 2013

  1. Wow, Jess. If you have leftovers you want to get rid of I can send you my snail mail address. Maybe even trade some caramels for some cookies. As for the favorites, it would be too hard to choose, but toffee, gingersnaps, truffles, blintzes, ah, heck I would want all of them. I don’t know how you did it.

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