Tequila and Sage Smash

I have an abundance of fresh sage and an abundance of tequila. So when I stumbled across something called a “tequila and sage smash” I thought I must try this! This is a simple cocktail with a bright, strong and rich flavor. Lemon, honey and fresh sage pair perfectly with good quality tequila for an easy to prepare and satisfying summer cocktail!



I also reminded myself that I really need to invest in a cocktail shaker. Cocktails are not something I’ve spent a lot of time putting together in the last few years so I must’ve lost my shaker somewhere along the way. I am learning to really appreciate a well-balanced and thoughtful mixed drink so I think this is only the beginning, so yea, it’s time for a cocktail shaker. I improvised and used a large plastic cup, muddled the lemon and sage in that and then covered it with a plate to shake it. The plate didn’t go well, I ended up spilling part of my drink on the counter (so you will notice my glass isn’t full in the picture, lol). Then I decided I should stir it vigorously instead to avoid loosing more of my libation. I strained the thing with my pot strainer into a glass filled with ice. Wow, I felt pretty ghetto with my whole set-up. But in the end, I got my drink!

And it is a very tasty drink. It is just so fresh tasting. And of course, your tequila shines through so make sure you choose one you like!

The “honey syrup” called for in this recipe is simply a half and half mixture of honey and warm water, whisked to combine. You could substitute straight agave if you prefer, since it is not quite as assertively sweet as regular honey. If your lemon half is ginormous you can cut back on the syrup, depending on how sweet your like your drink.

Night-time sage pickin'!

Night-time sage pickin’!


Tequila and Sage Smash

(Adapted from “Tequila and Sage Smash” on imbibemagazine.com)


  • 1/2 lemon, cut into wedges
  • 6 fresh sage leaves
  • 2 oz. tequila
  • ¾ oz. honey syrup (or agave if you prefer)
  • Ice cubes
  • Additional lemon wedge and/or sage sprig for garnish, optional


  • Muddle the lemon in the bottom of a shaker.
  • Add sage and muddle until the leaves are just bruised.



  • Add remaining ingredients with ice to nearly fill cup and shake.
  • Double strain into an ice-filled collins glass.
  • Garnish, if desired and serve.



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