Bread-type-things Gallery

I am a bit of a bread fiend. I know carbs are the enemy blah blah blah but I just can’t help myself. I could just have some plain baguette for lunch and be happy. (I try not to do that however hehehe). My dad makes a killer loaf of bread (better than anything you can buy at the grocery store I guarantee you!). This is a craft that i would love to be proficient in one day. So a good start is to try using some sourdough starter. He (my dad) gave me a piece of starter dough a couple of years ago and I proceeded to kill it a few months later, before I even got a chance to make a loaf of bread with it!

:::hanging head in shame:::

I obviously did something very wrong in the feeding of the thing lol…

Second attempt went a little better! I finally made my very own homemade sourdough and it was wonderful!

Quick bread, muffins and the like are something I tend to make with some frequency, especially if I have some fruit in the fridge that is about to turn. Banana bread is always a favorite of mine, however I am always looking for new quick-breads to give a try. When browsing the stands at a farmer’s market I can tell the “worth” of a loaf of quick bread usually by picking the thing up. If it is very lightweight I immediately pass it by. If it is heavy in my hand, well I might just have to buy it. My boyfreind will even go the job for me: if I see one that is tempting, he will pick it up and, after some debating, say “eeeh, I think it’s too light for you”. I have him trained well 🙂

As with my other galleries, I am working on figuring out how to link recipes to the pictures (tips would be appreciated). And I will do my best to get recipes put up if you would like one in particular! And there will be many, many more to come so keep checking back!

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