Savory Gallery

Baking is not the only thing I’m passionate about in the kitchen; I also truly enjoy savory cooking. I can be less “scientific” about things and just do things my way (within reason lol). I truly dislike most fast-food and frozen “meals” so when dinner time rolls around, more often than not I am preparing something at home or heating up leftovers from last-night’s meal (unless I’m feeling naughty and getting take-out from one of my favorite pizza places or Italian restaurants…).

I LOVE seafood and wish i could afford to eat it every night lol. Scallops, shrimp, crab, lobster and/or any kind of fish I can think of would be fine with me. iI grew up spending my summers fishing and learned to fillet and cook our catch from my father. The concept of from lake or farm (or wherever as long as it’s fresh and in season) to table is something I love to embrace. It is not always possible in Buffalo, NY as we have long, cold, snowy winters but I do the best i can lol.

I enjoy dabbling in a bit of this and that in the kitchen including smoking meats, making fresh sausage, from scratch pasta and other Italian masterpieces (like lasagna) and my neighbor Karen’s most favorite of favorites: stuffed peppers (recipe and pictures to come).

I also have this weakness for macaroni and cheese… problem is, I have yet to find an ideal recipe. I think the problem is that I haven’t found the right cheese sauce yet. I have tried many, many bechamels based recipes etc. but nothing has quite lived up to my expectations of what mac and cheese should be: thick (but not TOO thick) and creamy but not at all dry (I tend to prefer stove-top preparations that may or may not include some toasted panko on top but not the long-bake style) with explosive cheese taste and proper seasoning. So if you have one, please share with me! 😀

This gallery will continue to grow and if there is a recipe you are eager to have, please let me know and I’ll try my best to get on top of that! 🙂

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